Ordering a magazine subscription

Choose the publication you want to subscribe to or give as a gift, enter your details and the details of the person you want to buy the subscription for, then choose your method of payment.

Please note that it is not possible to give a digital subscription as a gift.

Activation of your subscription
When you purchase a subscription online, the request is registered shortly after the purchasing process is completed. Once you have completed the purchasing process, you will receive a confirmation email. In general, you will receive your first magazine within five weeks (if you have taken out a monthly subscription) or ten weeks (if you have taken out a bi-monthly subscription).

If you decide to take out a digital subscription, you will instantly be able to access the latest edition of the magazine. If you choose a print subscription with digital edition included, the digital edition will be available a few hours after you complete the purchase.



Gift subscriptions

A subscription is an original, convenient gift. During the purchasing process, you must indicate that the subscription you are purchasing is to be delivered to a different address. In addition to your own details, you will also need to enter those of the person you would like to buy the subscription for. Please note that it is not possible to give a digital subscription as a gift.


Subscriptions outside Italy

Il you live abroad, simply enter your delivery address and the system will show the additional delivery costs for your chosen destination. If you prefer, you can choose to order a digital subscription.


Ordering a book or a binder

Choose the product you want to buy or give as a gift, enter your details and those of the person you want to buy the product for, then choose your method of payment. Please note that it is not possible to give a digital product as a gift.


Registering and purchasing on ShopED

Registration on ShopED is compulsory to complete your puchases. By registering, any future purchases you make will be simpler and quicker. Please note: if you have already registered on one of Editoriale Domus websites, you will automatically have been registered on ShopED.





Creating a new account

In order to create an account, simply click on the “Account” icon and complete all the required fields (those marked with an asterisk).


Delivery and billing information

You can enter and modify your delivery and billing details at any time. This can also be done when making a purchase, as part of the steps leading up to the order confirmation. You can also update your email and password at any time.


Order history

The “Account” section includes your order history, where you can find a list of all the orders you have placed with ShopED.


Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgotten password” and it will be sent to your email address.





What is the Subscribers’ Area

This section is reserved for subscribers to print editions of Editoriale Domus publications: Quattroruote, Dueruote, TopGear, Ruoteclassiche, XOffRoad, Tuttotrasporti, Autopro, Meridiani, Meridiani Montagne and Domus. In order to access the Subscribers’ Area, you will need to log in using your subscription code (which you will find on the label attached to the magazines you have received as part of your subscription) and your Italian province code (or nation code if you live abroad). By accessing the Subscribers’ Area, you can check the beginning or the expiry date of your subscription. You can also renew your subscription online, paying by credit  card or PayPal. Click here (link to Subscribers’ Area) to visit the Subscribers’ Area.


Difference between “Account” and “Subscribers’ Area”

The Subscribers’ Area is reserved for people with a print subscription to Editoriale Domus publications. By contrast, the Account is a section reserved for all ShopED user, displaying purchase history and allowing users to update their details.

Log-in details for Subscribers’Area and registration on ShopED

If you have log-in details for the Subscribers’ Area, you are not automatically registered on ShopED.

They are two areas offering two different services. In order to find out how to access the two areas, please consult the “Subscribers’ Area” and “Account” tabs.



Digital Edition


Digital editions of Editoriale Domus magazines

Digital editions are available for Quattroruote, Dueruote, TopGear, XOffRoad, Ruoteclassiche, Tuttotrasporti, Autopro, Domus and Meridiani.

Access to digital editions

If you choose a digital subscription or a digital issue, the access to digital edition is available a few minutes after the purchase. You can access the digital edition by using the same username and password of the purchasing process.

If you choose a print subscription with digital edition included, the access to digital edition is available a few hours after you complete the purchase.


Please consult the following pages for instructions on how to access digital editions:


Quattroruote  – (link www.quattroruote.it/abbonati) – Dueruote (link www.dueruote.it/abbonati) – Ruoteclassiche (link www.ruoteclassiche.it/abbonati) – Tuttotrasporti (link www.tuttotrasporti.it/abbonati) – TopGear (link www.quattroruote.it/abbonatitopgear) – Autopro (link www.quattroruote.it/abbonati autopro) – XOffRoad (link a www.xoffroad.it/abbonati) – Domus (www.domusweb.it/abbonati) – Meridiani (www.shoped.it/meridiani)


Devices to access digital edition

The access to digital edition is from desktop, tablet and smartphones using the iOS or Android operating systems. You can register up to a maximum of three devices per digital edition.


I can’t access the digital edition of my magazine

First of all, make sure you are logged in, and that you used the right credentials, which must be the same as those you used when you purchased the digital edition. If you have a print subscription, make sure that you have correctly inserted the subscription code on the delivery note. If you have done all this correctly but still cannot access the digital edition, please contact Customer Services (see Contacts section).


Reading the digital edition off line

When you are not connected to the internet you can access the digital edition only through the app. Even so, you will need to connect to the internet the first time you want to access the magazine in order to download the edition. This will then be available whenever you want to access it, without the need to be connected the internet. If you want to view the edition via the internet, you will need to stay connected the whole time.